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Special Occasions, Festive and Birthday Celebrations 2020

In the kindergarten, we have special occasions and festive celebrations such as the Lunar New Year, Easter and Lantern Festival as well as the National Day, Children’s Day and birthday celebrations. There are story narration, singing, processions, interesting fun activities, games, food, goodies, presents, prizes and so forth, depending on the type of occasions.


We organize fun outings for our children with the accompaniment of some of the parents, family members and maids to various places of interest in line with our monthly teaching themes.

Donation 2021

As part of the Kindergarten’s objective to create social awareness and needs of the elderly for the younger generation, we are participating in the St. Luke Hospital and Eldercare – Love & Share Hongbao Donation Drive.

Annual K2 Graduation Ceremony 2020

This major event is usually held at the end of the last school term before the year-end holidays begin. Both teachers and children spent tremendous effort and patience during the performance training and rehearsals to bring about its eventual success.

Fire Drill 2021

During the Fire drill process children learn:

      1. Evacuation Process

      2. Awareness and Safety 

      3. Know evacuation routes and emergency exits

      4. Know the tools of fire alarms and fire extinguishers

National Day 2021

Children celebrate National Day by showing appreciation to our nation’s

Donation 2022

We are participating in the St. Luke Hospital and Eldercare Donation, to create social awareness and needs of the elderly for the younger generation.





K1-2 Kindness


Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022

HPB Healthy Lifestyle Puppet Show 2022

Students are watching Healthy Lifestyle Puppet show held by HPB . They are enthusiastic of the show.

HPB Healthy Food Adventure Programme 2022

From this workshop, the children are taught how to shop healthier foods in supermarkets and how to prepare simple nutritious recipes.

K1-2 Kindness / K2-1 Peace / K2-2 Patience

Exploring the trees and plants around the school compound 2022 - N1 (Grace Class)

1) The students are observing the trees and the leaf shapes.

2) Understand the importance and benefits of the trees.

Easter Day Program on 14 April 2022

1) The students are watching the performance with their fellow classmate.

2) They get to watch the Easter Story together with their classmate.

3) Students make their own Easter Egg basket.

PN1 Love

PN2 Joy

N1 Grace

N2 Faith

Fire Drill 2022

During the Fire drill process children learn:

      1. Evacuation Process

      2. Awareness and Safety 

      3. Know evacuation routes and emergency exits

      4. Know the tools of fire alarms and fire extinguishers

Parent Teacher Meeting 2022

Parent Teacher Meeting on 26 May 2022

   1) Get to know more about the child progress in school.

   2) Know about the child’s strengths and how the parent can support the teacher at home.









National Day Celebration - 2022

Our students dressed up in Singapore’s colours of red and white and joined in the School’s National Day celebration and sang a selection of favourite National Day  themed songs. 

Singapore Pledge

Singapore Zoo Field Trip - 2022 (K1-K2)

They could watch their most favourite animal and take a tram ride around the zoo, other than watching animals the children also learned to share and to spend time together.

Children Day - 2022

Parents and their children had great fun bonding and enjoying themselves at the games organise by the teachers.

Pororo Park - 2022 (All Levels)

All our level students went to Pororo Park on 15 November 2022. They get to crawl through, climb over and swing across the obstacles while exercising their motor skills.

Parent Teacher Meeting - 2022

Parent Teacher Meeting held on 17 November 2022

1) Parents will be able to prepare for their child next year of their strength or weak point.

2) For this PTM Parents will get more information of their child progress.

N1 Grace

N2 Faith

K1 Hope

K1 Kindness

K2 Peace

PN1 Peace

Chinese New Year Celebration 2023

Parents are invited for this year celebration, not only they watch the students performance they are invited to our coffee corner while waiting for their children and we have engaged a Calligrapher to demonstrate calligraphy and also to gift every parent with a CNY couplet to bring home. There will also be art and craft corner where we will teach CNY craftwork.

St Luke’s Love & Share Hongbao Donation Drive 2023

Participate in St Luke’s Hospital and Eldercare Donation. Let the students to aware of donate to the needs and elderly..

Esplanade Field Trip - Theatre 9 Mar 2023

On 9 Mar 2023, their parents accompany them to Esplanade Field Trip for Theatre Show (Title Us). The children enjoy through movement, music and fun from the show. Us explores loneliness, understanding, empathy and love. Discover the importance of friend and how simple acts kindness can change the world. 

After the show, the children went to East Coast Park Macdonald’s to have their lunch. They are so hungry and excited as this is the first time all level going for outing and lunch together.

Ranger Buddies Virtual Show: Bunny Love and Care by Singapore Zoo (K1&K2)

The show aims to teach children to show empathy and respect for animals. They will also discover that pets are for life and to be a responsible pet owner.

Fire Drill (2023)

On 28 Mar 2023, all the students have their fire drill exercise. To prepare and teach them how to evacuate the school premises and in orderly manner.

  • Stop all activities immediately.
  • Go to the nearest safe exit.
  • Follow teachers instruction and not pushing each others.

Easter Day Celebration (6 April 2023)

All level students celebrated Easter Day on 6 April 2023 and K1 / K2 perform on stage. Parents are welcome to watch and support their children. Not only the children have their program , there will be talk on ‘Children’s nutrition and why it matter’s and art & craft corner for them.

• Each children bringing home a pink edible egg in their own  hand-made basket.

• The pre and nursery given their support on the performance.


Garden by the bay (28 April 2023)

For this Term 2 field Trip, school organise field trip to Garden by the bay. All parents are also welcome to join them this field trip. 

Pre Nursery and Nursery level, they will have an opportunity to explore the Flower Dome and enter the world of perpetual spring and explore nine invigorating gardens featuring floral from the world. In additional, the children will also enter the Supertree Observatory for a spectacular view of Garden by the Bay and Marina Bay.

Kindergarten 1 & 2 will be attending program from Garden by the bay entitled Chew on This. They will introduced to the different parts of the plant that canbe eaten and view plants that provides us with food, such as fig and olive trees.

Parents' Day Celebration (12 May 2023)

On 12 May 2023, a short but meaningful program was presented to honour the parents and appreciate their efforts in bringing up their children. The students expressed their love and gratitude towards their parents by dance performance. 

The teachers requested the students to use their creativity and prepare a Parents’ Day Love card and present it to their parents. We also have arrange special program for the parents, for mummies we have professional makeup artist to demonstrate a quick and pleasant makeup for mothers rushing off to work in the morning and daddies can enjoy table tennis game. Lastly our staff Team award for 2022 was presented to K2 Peace class Teacher Ms Wong and Nursery Faith class Cai ChunYan.



HPB Healthy Lifestyle Puppet Show (27 June 2023)

Nursery to Kindergarten 2 children get to watch the Health Lifestyle Puppet show held by HPB. The children are taught what are the healthier food and steps to wash their hands. 

River Wonders (28 July 2023)

28 July 2023, Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 get to join the meaningful field trip to River Wonders. The children learnt about different types of animals and pandas. Children get to have a closer look at the panda parents Jia Jia and Kia Kia. They even have a great time with their classmates and parents during their meals.

National Day Rehearsal (3 Aug 2023) K1 & K2

K1 & K2 students are preparing for upcoming National Day Ceremony held at Kembangan Community Centre on 13 August 2023. They are practising for the marching on 3 August 2023 and have done a good team work today.

National Day Celebration (8 Aug 2023)

This year National Day Celebrational, the Pre Nursery and Nursery will perform a costume parade to exhibit the various racial groups in Singapore. Parents are also been invited to support the children and also we do have program for the parents. 

Lastly two of the K1 and Nursery parents have shared the life been migrates to Singapore.


Teachers' Day Celebration (31 Aug 2023)

On 31 August 2023, the celebration was the performance of Nursery Faith, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2. They show appreciation to the teachers and school staff. The children did a great performance. Not only the children had enjoy and parents had great bonding with the activities which had arrange for them.


Fire Drill (28 Sept 2023)

On 28 Sept 2023, all the students have their fire drill exercise. To prepare and teach them how to evacuate the school premises and in orderly manner.

  • Students and staffs evacuate the building when the file alarm rings
  • Go to the nearest safe exit.
  • Follow teachers instruction and not pushing each others.
  • Wait for further instructions before proceeding back to class.

Children's Day Celebration (5 Oct 2023)

Teachers have organised different types of games for the students to play. Our students had a great day and enjoyed sharing the food with their friends.

Parent Teacher Meeting 2023

Parent Teacher Meeting on 16 Nov 2023

   1) Get to know more about the child strength and weakness

   2) What can the parents do at home to help support his/her academic progress




K1 Hope

K1 Kindness

K2 Peace

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