Yearly Events

Special Occasions, Festive and Birthday Celebrations

In the kindergarten, we have special occasions and festive celebrations such as the Lunar New Year, Easter and Lantern Festival as well as the National Day, Children’s Day and birthday celebrations. There are story narration, singing, processions, interesting fun activities, games, food, goodies, presents, prizes and so forth, depending on the type of occasions.


We organize fun outings for our children with the accompaniment of some of the parents, family members and maids to various places of interest in line with our monthly teaching themes.


As part of the Kindergarten’s objective to create social awareness and needs of the elderly for the younger generation, we are participating in the St. Luke Hospital and Eldercare – Love & Share Hongbao Donation Drive.

Annual K2 Graduation Ceremony 

This major event is usually held at the end of the last school term before the year-end holidays begin. Both teachers and children spent tremendous effort and patience during the performance training and rehearsals to bring about its eventual success.

Fire Drill

During the Fire drill process children learn:

      1. Evacuation Process

      2. Awareness and Safety 

      3. Know evacuation routes and emergency exits

      4. Know the tools of fire alarms and fire extinguishers

National Day 2021

Children celebrate National Day by showing appreciation to our nation’s

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