Enrichment Programs

We offer several optional enrichment programs such as the English Speech and Drama, Ballet, Creative and Critical Thinking, Checkers Game and Science Workshop for our preschoolers. These programs aim to enrich our young children’s cognitive abilities which include reasoning, divergent thinking and problem-solving skills; encourage self-expression, build self-confidence and self-esteem; enhance body and brain agility as well as social competence.

Art and Craft

Participants from Nursery to Kindergarten Two level (4 to 6yrs old) will engage in several fun, interesting and age-appropriate art projects once a week from 1pm – 2pm over 8 sessions / term.

Ballet Classes

Our preschool ballet course level begins with pre-primary, primary, grade 1 and 2 level.

Ballet dance can help children to achieve body balance, control and strength. Children will have the opportunity to co-ordinate their mind and body; improve their listening skills, develop a sense of movement, rhythm and appreciation of music; improve their posture and poise and; become more confident and self-disciplined.

Eligibility for examination by RAD, Royal Academy of Dance, London will be based on assessment of individual child’s progress by the trainer.

Lego Robotic

Provides young children aged 5 to 6 yrs old the hands-on experience to learn simple programming addition and subtraction; more than, less than or equal; measuring distances, basic introduction to rotational degree, time, colours, simple programming with blocks language and many more interesting robots that will aid in learning while playing.

English Speech and Drama

English – Lessons conducted once a week during school.

No fee payment for mid-year and year-end holidays’ period as NO class is conducted.

At the beginning of the year or for first-timers, add a yearly material fee for the English Speech and Drama.

Piano Keyboard

Music for Little Mozarts is a piano and music curriculum designed for children ages 4-6. This premier piano education provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and enjoyment once receives from the process of music making

Others – Upon Popular Request

Other enrichment programs like Chess Game, Creative Arts and any other additions will only be offered upon popular demands.

The Kindergarten reserves the right to introduce or remove any enrichment program whenever necessary. However, if the minimum no. of children required to start a class is not met, the fee paid by any interested party will be returned as appropriate.

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