Bethesda Chapel Kindergarten was founded in 1990. Since its humble beginning, it has been transformed in many ways from its physical setup, quality of staff to teaching approach. It has expanded from a single classroom to its current 8 classrooms; our staff qualifications have been upgraded from basic preschool training to the diploma level and; we have also changed our teaching approach from the “drill-and-practice” to the “hands-on” concrete learning approach.


To inculcate moral values in young children, stimulate their learning, enhance their motor skills, encourage free and creative expressions, provide socio-emotional security and enable them to enjoy their childhood environment.

School Management Committee

Our School Management Team is formed from the church council board which provides support to the kindergarten operation and its staff.

Operation and Teaching Staff

The school principal oversees the daily operation of the kindergarten. Apart from having the positive dispositions of trust, respect and acceptance of children, our staff are

  • well-qualified and experienced in preschool education,
  • active and passionate,
  • warm, gentle, caring and dedicated and,
  • flexible, talented and creative.

Chan Yun Ling (Chinese Teacher)

Patsy Loy (Principal)

Madam Yu (Chinese Teacher)

Madam Li Lin (Senior Chinese Teacher)

Loh Khai Yen, Jenny (English Teaching Aide)

Huang Ying (English Teaching Aide)

Ms Wong (Senior English Teacher)

Eunice Lee (English Teacher)

Cynthia Ong (English Teacher)

Madam Cai (Chinese Teaching Aide)

Ms Chuah (Chinese Teacher)

Madam Lee (Chinese Teaching Aide)

Our School Motto

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