“ I like to come to school because I can play the computer…”   (K1, K2)

“ Ballet is fun….” (K1, K2)

“ ….like school because after I finish (doing) my worksheets, I can play the toys. “ (K2)

“…..have many friends in school and I also like my teachers.” (N, K1)

“…I like to sing…….” (K1)

“….the kitchen play corner is my favorite….” (N)

“….enjoy the science workshop because I can touch the hamster…” (K2)


The Primary School Visit to Haig Girl School was a great experience for myself and my son to visit. During the visit , I got to speak to the teachers and volunteers to find out more about the school activities.  – Cecilia Mother of Kai Ian 2016

I am happy to have found BCK (Bethesda Chapel kindergarten) for my child, Amber. Not only is the environment clean and spacious, the teachers and caregivers have been extremely patient and helpful. Most importantly, Amber loves going to school ! – Mrs Shawn Lim, parent of Amber Lim (PN, 2009)

We are very satisfied and grateful to the principal and teachers of BCK for their love, care and guidance of my child, Matthew who has progressed in his overall development. – Mr & Mrs Sit, parents of Matthew Sit (PN, 2009)

My child has a strong character and it was tough for us initially when we put her in BCK but the teachers had been very understanding towards her. She is now looking forward to come to school everyday. It is so reassuring that she is in a safe and friendly environment where she is encouraged to learn and grow in all developmental areas. – Mr & Mrs Liew, parents of Germaine Liew (PN, 2009)

My child, Gabriel suffers from a condition that affects his legs due to premature birth. I had my uncertainty about him attending the normal stream but BCK principal and teachers have been most encouraging and understanding. Now he is able to learn and grow with the other children in a conducive environment. – Mrs Amy Cho, parent of Gabriel Cho (N, 2009)

I find BCK a homely school. The teachers are patient and loving towards the children. Besides the academic part, the principal and teachers also emphasize on character building and social skills. I particularly like the way they begin each day where teachers and students gather to sing meaningful songs. – Mrs Tay, parent of Caleb & Cassia Tay (K2 & N, 2009)

I am grateful to BCK for being so accommodating to my child who has special needs. The principal and teachers are very caring and give my son an equal opportunity to be in the normal stream. They are really the true preschool educators ! Thumbs up for BCK ! Thumbs Up– Mrs Tan, parent of Ryan Tan (K1, 2009)

Thanks to a group of dedicated and committed teachers, both my children, Leonce and Mikayle have developed into confident and cheerful kids. They look forward to going to school eagerly every day and tell me their day spent in school was great. – Mrs Joanne Lim, parent of Leonce and Mikayle Lim (K1 and PN, 2009)

We like the open concept of BCK which allows parents to observe class lessons in progress unobtrusively and provides constant communication between parents and the school. – Mr & Mrs Chen, parents of Clarence Chen (K2, 2009)

BCK curriculum has helped built up our child, Chrystal’s confidence and interactive skills with her peers and teachers. – Mr Jerry See Tow, parent of Chrystal See Tow (K2, 2009)

I am very thankful to God for all the loving and patient teachers who took care of my children. They treated them with respect and appreciated their uniqueness God has made them to be. – Mrs Looi, parent of Looi Jia Min and Jia Hwee (K2 and Pri.1,ex-BCKian, 2009)

Overwhelmed with a flurry of joyous memories and a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards the staff at BCK. All the teachers have played a pivotal role in shaping Swara’s individuality, inculcating her sense of responsibility and empathy towards others. I am sincerely grateful for the undulating love and affection showered on my child –  Deshpande Uma Pralhad (Parent of  Swara) K2, 2020

Would like to thanks Ms. Wong for teaching our kids Zuha and Thanisha in their K2 periods. Getting them to do assignments and projects to motor their skills to keep the pace in the ever-changing world. Her ability to teach real life experience and prepare each kid to face the world when they graduated. Although, 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, BCK did not disappoint the kids and parents by hosting graduation and concert while putting health and safety as priority to ensure the environment is safe for all – Mr & Mrs Nishad Majeed, parent of Zuha and Thanisha (K2, 2020)   

 My daughter has grown immensely over her K2 journey, we saw her becoming more confident and outspoken and shown great diverse skills. Ms Wong and Ms Li Lin collaborative guidance have played a major part in our daughter progress in life. – Mrs Tan parent of  Tan Xia Yuan (K2, 2020)

Has been a wonderful journey for my son as well as for us. The Principal, teacher and staff have always been friendly and know every child by name from the very first week. They have prepare the kids very well for primary school. Mr & Mrs Santamaria (Parent of Zach Mattew) K2, 2020

Shardul used to talk in his mother tongue (Marathi) only when he joined but we saw that by end of his second term he was starting to form meaningful sentences in English. He liked both of his teachers, Miss Elaine and Jenny. A special mention to the term projects that Miss Elaine planned for kids; they are creative and based on the topic for respective term so help kids with better understanding of topics taught in that term. Miss Elaine also suggested different ways to enhance learning for Shardul. We were very grateful that he could gain good guidance under her. (Parent of Shardul) PN1, 2021

Special thanks to her teachers, Ms Elaine, Ms Jenny and Mdm Chan. Their patience, dedication and enthusiasm has helped my child grow not only academically but most importantly socially as well. She has grown from being a timid girl who cried (wildly) on her first few days of school to a cheerful girl who is eager and looking forward to school everyday. 

I could not have thanked her teachers enough as without their patience and caring nature, Grace would not have grown to enjoy learning and love interacting with her friends. Good teachers are assets to the school and my husband and I are glad that we have chosen the right one. 

Once again thank you for all the effort and hard work that all of you have put into making a difference in the lives of our children.  – (Parent of Grace) PN1, 2022

She will pretend plays at home and always calls herself Ms Wong and pretends being you. You had a huge impact on her. Thank you (Parent of Nishtha) K2, 2022

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