Year 2020

The Management of Bethesda Chapel Kindergarten reserves the right to make changes to the planned events when necessary.


Date Events
1st Wed New Year’s Day
2nd Thu Term 1 Starts
24th Fri Lunar New Year Eve Celebration (8.30am -10.30am)
25th-28th Lunar New Year P.H
29th Wed LNY school holiday


Date Events
7th Fri Monthly Singspiration
21th Fri Field Trip (TBC)


Date Events
6th Fri Monthly Singspiration
4th -6th Home Visitation (K2)
13th Sat 1-Week Semester Break
23th Mon Term 2 Starts


Date Events
3rd Fri Monthly Singspiration- Good Friday Programme
10th Fri Good Friday P.H.
12th Sun Easter Service & Children’s Programme at Bethesda Chapel
13th Mon Easter School Holiday
24th Fri Field Trip (TBC)


Date Events
1st Fri Labour Day P.H.
8th Fri Monthly Singspiration
5th – 8th Home Visitation (Nursery)
7th Thu Vesak Day P.H.
24th Sun Hari Raya Puasa P.H.
25th Mon Gazetted Hari Raya Puasa
28th Thu Parents- Teachers’ Meeting (8.30am – 12nn)
29th Fri Class Party till 10.30am
30th Sat Mid-Year Vacation Begins


29th MonTerm 3 Starts


Date Events
2nd Thu Primary School Visit for K2s (TBC)
3rd Fri Monthly Singspiration
6th Mon Gazetted Youth Day Holiday
24th Fri Field Trip (TBC)
31st Fri Hari Raya Haji P.H


Date Events
7th Fri National Day Celebration till 10.30am
9th Sun National Day P.H.
10th Mon Gazetted National Day
21st Fri Class Photo Taking
22nd Sat K1 Appreciation/Talk (TBC)


Date Events
3rd Thu Teachers’ Day Celebration (8.30am -10.30am)
4th Fri Centre’s Closure for Teachers’ Day
5th Sat 1-Week Semester Break
14th Mon Term 4 Starts
23rd -25th Home Visitation (Pre-N)


Date Events
1st Thu Children’s Day Celebration till 10.30am
2nd Fri Children’s Day School Holiday
16th Fri Full Dress Concert Rehearsal
24th Sat Graduation and Concert 2020 (10am – 1pm)
26th Mon Centre’s Closure for Concert Holiday in-lieu


Date Events
6th Fri Field Trip (TBC)
13th Fri Parents- Teachers’ Meeting (8.30am – 12nn) (TBC)
14th Sat Deepavali P.H.
16th Mon Gazetted Deepavali P.H.
20th Fri Class Party and Christmas Caroling (8.30am -10.30am)
21st Sat Year-End Vacation Begins


Date Events
25th Fri Christmas Day, P.H. Christmas Celebration at Bethesda Chapel
31st Thu Year-End Vacation Ends

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